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Childbirth Box

Childbirth Box

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This box is an excellent gift idea to offer to a mother who wants to equip herself in order to have a natural childbirth 🌸

"Natural epidural" style massage oil to be used during contractions to help manage pain. Apply to lower back and lower abdomen.

Ingredients // Essential oil of clove (anaesthetic), palmarosa (utero-tonic), noble laurel (analgesic), black spruce (tonic and invigorating) and chamomile (soothing).

Spray made from a mixture of anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, healing, soothing and restorative floral water (hydrolate) to promote healing of the perineum following childbirth.

Ingredients // Hydrosol of rose, witch hazel, cedar, lavender, calendula and Italian helychrise.

Herbal tea concocted to revitalize the uterus and relieve uterine trenches following childbirth.

Ingredients // Motherwort, catnip, raspberry, nettle, rose petals and reusable tea bag.

100% natural herbal product entirely handmade with love, gentleness and mindfulness so you can take care of yourself naturally 🌿
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