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Breathe Balm

Breathe Balm

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Do you feel congested?
Do you have difficulty breathing because of flu and cold symptoms?

This balm is precisely designed based on a mixture of medicinal plants to relieve you of all these flu symptoms.

And do you know what's the coolest?
This product is safe for the whole family. So you can happily brush your toddler (even a newborn baby) with a cold, and this, without danger!!!


- Balsam fir relieves respiratory ailments by thinning bronchial secretions and reducing inflammation of the mucous membranes.

- Thyme has expectorant, anti-infectious and thinning properties of bronchial secretions, which helps to better evacuate secretions and therefore eliminate the virus more quickly.

- The radiated eucalyptus is of course a must for the well being of the respiratory tract. This essential oil decongests and facilitates breathing. It also contains antibacterial, antiviral and purifying properties.

In other words, this balm liquefies secretions so that our body can evacuate them as much as possible in order to free itself from infection while promoting nasal decongestion.


For optimal use, apply to the solar plexus (chest), upper back (at the lung level) and under the feet before sleeping. The body can then benefit from all the virtues of this product while you sleep.


This product has been designed very gently, based on oily macerations of fir and thyme, which allows external use for the whole family.

Eucalyptus radiata is safe for toddlers since this essential oil does not contain ketones, unlike eucalyptus globulus.

Comes in a 50ml black metallic container.

100% natural herbal product entirely handmade with love, gentleness and mindfulness so you can take care of yourself naturally 🌿

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